Prepare Coin in Wallet


As teacher  who has a certain wage under UMR, I often worry about pucket change with candy in minimarket, supermaket, or anywhere swalayan. Pocket changing one hundred or  two hundred, ciche  who has money it’s not problem, have price of mine.try,  Two hundred times five is one thousand , isn’t ?. One thousand can be used to increas to buy gosoline. Beside, pocket changes candy often not eaten.

Dizzy, dizzy and dizzy, I always prepared coin in my wallet. No much. Enough one thousand, they are one coin for five hundreds, two coins for two hundreds, and one coin for one hundred. Now, althought my exprence’s frecquency in swalayan not every day ( just if there is the big discon or something I need is not in spop beside my house ), I always prepared coin if my expence was totaled for  example Rp. 70.300, I took two three hundreds coin before cashier given candy. I quicker to give him the coin. Cashier got it happy and said thanks very much.


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